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Staying on the 3000

What's New

MPE/iX Compatibility

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Pre-Release Versions

Qedit Pre-release (6.2.02)

Suprtool Pre-release (6.0.10)

  • Suprtool for MPE Change Notice (PDF), (HTML)
  • Suprtool for HP-UX Change Notice (PDF), (HTML)

    Current Production Versions

    Suprtool 6.0

    Qedit Production Version 6.2

    Qedit for Windows 6.0


    Recent Production Versions

    Suprtool 5.9

    Suprtool 5.8

    Suprtool 5.7

    Suprtool 5.6

    Suprtool 5.5

    Suprtool 5.4

    Qedit Production Version 6.1

    Qedit Production Version 6.0

    Qedit Production Version 5.9

    Qedit Production Version 5.8


    Bonus products in .txt form

    We have older bonus product manuals that have not been converted to pdf, however with migrations going on, some people need to know what these older applications and libraries do, so we have posted the files in ".txt" format.

    Bonus Products in .TXT format

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